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  • Familiarise yourself with the materials in this pack
  • Print and laminate the stick puppets for games, performances and generally livening up the story.
    Tip: You can also glue the characters onto milk cartons of differing heights, so they will stay upright and won’t need to be laminated.
  • Get to know the characters and their backgrounds with the students.
    Tip: The pack contains a poster of the characters.
  • Send the info letter to parents.
  • Print the message in a bottle in advance, so it’s ready for the first module.
    Tip: Put the message in a real bottle! Don’t give away the surprise to the students in advance.
  • Choose how you’re going to document the process (for example, Powerpoint presentation, digital diary, photos on Drive). If, for whatever reason, it’s impossible to practice ICT skills and use a digital portfolio, students should keep their drawings and other outputs in their own project workbooks.
    Tip: It pays to record the process! You’ll get a fun Powerpoint presentation for the upcoming Gala.
  • Split the students into teams of 3 or 4. The students will work in these teams for the duration of the project.
    Tip: The students can come up with a name for their team and make a team name tag.
  • Tip: If you want, you can also follow posts by the This Works! multidisciplinary learning programme on social media: #thisworks!

You can also get to know the characters through this short video!