This works! is a technology education project for all first graders all around the world.

This works! is a technology education project for all first graders all around the world. The project provides space for dialogue between technology and creativity, without isolating technology as a separate island. This works! provides an activity framework that teachers can adapt however they wish.

This works! helps children to get excited about the opportunities afforded by technology, as learning revolves around creativity and constructive collaboration. The characters represent different learning styles, interests and backgrounds. The characters act as role models, and encourage students to respect diversity, retain their sense of curiosity, and understand that learning is a lifelong voyage of discovery. The characters themselves believe that they are able to learn all kinds of new things and encourage the students to do likewise (a growth mindset).

Technology Industries of Finland wants to engage and activate students, and enable them to create and engineer their own machines from recycled materials. At the same time, they will also examine the world through a mathematical framework. The students can gain insights into what they could be when they grow up, and how technology can change the world. Technology Industries of Finland is offering the This works! concept – complete with materials – to all first graders free of charge.

Fun Academy has allowed This works! to use their four characters on a pro bono basis. The rights to these characters are owned by Fun Academy.

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This works! is an approximately seven-week learning programme that has been designed for all first graders all around the world. It focuses on developing technology skills and transversal competence. An immersive story with educational characters leads both the learners and the teacher through the entire process. The main characters act as role models. Through their individual personalities, they create a joy for learning and motivation for working together.